We specialize in microbiological and analytical tests of construction and building industry products (paints, primers, dispersions, etc.), cosmetics and household chemistry (dishwashing liquids, washing gels, cleaning products). We test products used in various industries according to biocidal product groups lited in The Biocidal Products Regulation (previously BPD).

We perform sterility checks, challenge tests and asses effectiveness of preservation against growth of microorganisms. In our laboratory we use wide range of validated methods consistent with EU and ISO standards.

Our expertise drawn from practical experience in testing construction chemistry products, cosmetics and household cleaning products as well as water-based liquids used in a number of technological processes, gives us broader perspective on issues related to microbiological contamination control.

We work with and for our clients.
We value their time, as well
as close cooperation.

We continuously expand our offer in order to meet expectations of our customers and provide services in line with the newest standards.

We have high-quality laboratory equipment which allows us to provide high-level services while ensuring the reliability and quality of research. This includes:

  • Aerobic, anaerobic and CO2 incubators.
  • Climatic chamber and fitotron climatic chamber.
  • Liquid Chromatography - HPLC Agilent 1260 Infinity with Quaternary pump and UV-VIS detector.
  • The QUV - Spray Accelerated Weathering Tester - reference weathering equipment used to simulate effects of sunlight , elevated temperatures, humidity and rain.
  • Humidity chamber.
  • Water leaching system for facaede paints and plasters.
  • Spectrophotometer - BYK-Gardner Spectro-guide allowing simultaneous measurement of gloss and colour.
  • Gradient PCR Thermal Cycler.
  • Fluorometer.
  • Electrophoresis set.